Mecum Auctions Sends 1,000 Vehicles Across the Block at Las Vegas Convention Center

Douglas Pilarski
4 min readNov 17, 2022
Photography by Douglas Pilarski

There is nothing quite like the excitement of watching an auction. Television gives you a front-row seat to all the action. Being there in person is an entirely different story. The colors, sounds, smells, and cars are everywhere. After attending the recent Mecum 2022 Las Vegas auction. What are you waiting for if you haven’t experienced an auction live and in person?

For someone with even a passing interest in cars, you will find something to stun you. Maybe it’s the daily driver once owned by Elvis Presley, a stunning Mercedes AMG GT in orange paint the likes of which you’ve never seen, or your first personal viewing of a 1933 Packard 12. Cars are transportation until they capture you. Aren’t you supposed to track down and drive a Corvette from your high school graduation year? Maybe you remember dad’s red 1962 Impala SS with a convertible top and red interior. Memories connect us with cars.

Cars get in your blood. There are many ways to connect yourself to the hobby. Restoration projects, photography, car shows, track events, and classic car auctions are ways we celebrate our past. There is nothing like pulling out of the driveway and going for a spin in a ’67 Pontiac GTO or a ’57 Chevy Nomad. Cruising is a national pass time. And a profoundly emotional one.

The event at Las Vegas, held from November 10–12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, saw nearly 1,000 American muscle cars, classics, corvettes, exotics, trucks, hot rods, and customs cross the auction block.

Mecum Auction Company started its business in 1988. Since then, the company has become a world leader in collector cars and vintage and antique motorcycles. Mecum’s first auction was held at the Rockford airport in Illinois. Over more than 30 years, the company has auctioned more than 20,000 vehicles.

Mecum has expanded its catalog of offerings to include a wide array of collectibles encompassing entry-level to investment-grade classic and collector cars, vintage and antique motorcycles, signs and memorabilia items like gas pumps, pedal cars and clocks, and even collector-grade tractors and farm relics.

Here are some of the cars I found most interesting. Drop me a line and tell me about your



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